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Advance Your Career with Eurodiet – Empower Lives with Personalised Health Solutions & Boost Your Earnings!

Step into a new role as an Online Prescriber with Eurodiet – a Trailblazer in Ketogenic Weight Loss Across Europe!

Become a Prescriber

If you are medically trained professional and are interested in registering with Eurodiet, get in touch for an informal chat to find out more.

By joining our growing team you will receive:

  1. A lifetime 15% commission from any patients you refer who purchase from the website, regardless of whether the patient remains your customer. Commissions are paid monthly, in arrears.
  2. Free training and support in the Eurodiet method.
  3. Keep 100% of the patient consultation fees you get from Eurodiet referrals.
  4. Round the clock support from our marketing and tech teams to help you grow your practice.
  5. Free referrals from Eurodiet as and when opportunities arise from the Eurodiet website.
  6. A free website similar to which can be of bespoke design.
  7. A free bio page on containing a portrait image and around 1000 word bio of yourself.
  8. A free Eurodiet logo link to display on the prescriber’s website.
  9. A DA29 backlink to your website from the website that will significantly help with your own website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  10. Opportunity to contribute guest blog posts to the Eurodiet blog that helps to boost your personal profile across the internet.

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Register as a Prescriber

Prescriber Landing page

About Eurodiet

Welcome to Eurodiet, a leader of innovation in medically-assisted, ketogenic weight loss. With over two decades of experience transforming the lives of tens of thousands across Europe, we are now poised for digital expansion into the UK and Ireland. As we set sail on this exciting journey, we extend an invitation to dedicated professionals like you

Become part of our rapidly growing team of Online Prescribers, and tap into the following benefits:

    • Professional Development: Immerse yourself in our comprehensive training program on the renowned Eurodiet 4-Phase weight loss method. Build your expertise and equip yourself to guide your patients to success.

    • Work-Life Balance: With the freedom to set your own hours, enjoy the flexibility to strike a perfect work-life balance.

    • Financial Autonomy: Determine your hourly consultation rate. Remember, 100% of the consultation fee is yours.

    • Residual Income: Delight in a lifetime 15% commission on all products purchased by your patients.

    • Premium Products: Leverage our extensive selection of high-quality, protein-rich products designed to support your patients’ health journeys.

    • Community Support: Be part of an energetic community that cherishes health and wellness.

Your success matters to us, and we go the extra mile to provide the resources and support that will help you thrive as a Eurodiet Online Prescriber.

Ready to start a transformative journey with Eurodiet? Join us now and let’s together make a profound impact on health and wellbeing across Europe. Book a video call with Hege Hasler Chief Nutritionist and Head of Training, Eurodiet.

Based on robust scientific foundations, the Eurodiet method is split into 4 distinct phases

Phase 1 – Protein Nutrition

Phase 2 – Selective Nutrition

Phase 3 – Progressive Nutrition

Phase 4 – Balanced Nutrition


Phase 1 – Protein Nutrition

Weight loss at the expense of the fat mass.

Involving exclusively Eurodiet products, vegetables and vegetable oils, its simplicity makes the “resetting” of your obese patients’ eating patterns much easier.

Phase 2 – Selective Nutrition

Reintroduction of animal proteins.

This nearly systematically follows Phase 1, but can also constitute the initial phase in cases where strict high-protein dieting is not desired.

Phase 3 – Progressive Nutrition

Successful nutritional rehabilitation.

Phase 3 is fundamental in the Eurodiet method. It can either form the sequel to a ketogenic phase or constitute the initial phase of a more conventional low- calorie diet.

Phase 4 – Balanced Nutrition

Maintain an optimal weight in the long term.

Phase 4 is the crowning part of the Eurodiet method. After working most efficiently on your patient’s weight, you are now going to provide him/her with the means of achieving balanced nutrition. This will prevent him/her from regaining the lost kilograms and, more importantly, will transform his/her meals into metabolic disease prevention sessions.



The Eurodiet Advantage

Ease of Prescription: Eurodiet Advantage

Joining Eurodiet means gaining access to a wealth of resources designed to streamline the prescription process and enhance patient understanding. From informational leaflets for each of the method’s four phases to our bespoke DIET PROFILER software, we provide everything you need for accurate diagnosis and individualised prescription. Even better, patients can directly engage with our experienced, fully-trained team for guidance and support throughout their treatment journey.

Rigorous Medical Supervision

At Eurodiet, we value medical oversight. With our dedicated hotline for healthcare professionals we ensure you’re never without support. Any queries you have will be forwarded to a specially trained doctor to help address any medical challenges.

Continual Professional Development

The Eurodiet method is comprehensive, incorporating both dietary principles and psychobehavioural aspects. We organise regular training sessions in all countries to equip our consultants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deliver our method.

Quality Assurance Every Step of the Way

When you partner with Eurodiet, you’re associating with a brand that prioritises quality. Our proteins, derived from egg white, soybean and milk, guarantee chemical indexes exceeding 100. Each Eurodiet sachet offers balanced supplementation of vitamins, mineral elements and linoleic acid, aligning with the recommended intakes from the EU directive 96/8/EC. From design to distribution, our quality control process is meticulous, ensuring your patients receive only the best.

Delicious and Diverse Products

Who said dieting has to be dull? Our wide range of flavours and textures ensures your patients enjoy a diet that’s far from boring. Whether they prefer sweet or savoury, hot or cold, we’ve got their cravings covered. And it’s not just about taste; our vibrant packaging adds a dash of joy to every meal. Join Eurodiet and bring a delicious difference to your patients’ weight loss journeys.


The 4-Phase Eurodiet method isn’t just a diet; it’s a lifestyle change that teaches you how to make healthy food choices for sustained weight management and overall wellness. As a Eurodiet consultant, you’ll guide clients through each phase, empowering them with the knowledge to take control of their health and weight.


Joining Eurodiet as a consultant means guiding your patients through these effective and scientifically-backed phases. You’ll not just help them lose weight; you’ll empower them to reclaim control over their health and life.

Is Eurodiet the next step in your career? We would love to hear from you. Join our team of healthcare professionals dedicated to creating a healthier, happier world. Apply now!


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